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Taking Advantage of Hummingbird to Content Search Engine Marketing Campaign

For all these years, content is considered one of the primary foundations of a good website. Since hummingbird favors content, affordable search engine optimization writers are becoming much more essential and thus they need to reevaluate how they create content. If you still don’t know how to harness the power of the latest update, below are some of hummingbird’s pro-content strategy and features that you can utilize.

Google knowledge graph – Google has greatly improved the use of the ‘knowledge graph’ and is now able to provide an immediate answer to many common questions. This is one of the best web marketing search engine optimization techniques.

If you Google “convert 12 pounds to kgs” can now provide you with a “quick response” answer located at the very top of the SERP. Several of these answers are pulled directly from resources like Wikipedia, Freebase and more. They are designed at providing quick responses to semantic search queries.

Focusing on the Long Tail – Hummingbird has also prioritized conversational long tail searches. This means that searches are more refined and a lot more specific. Take advantage of this feature when creating title for your blog posts, articles or any kind of content for that matter.

Using Hybrid Content – Hybrid content incorporates different kinds of media. This kind of content is widely used in blogs (video blogs, photo blogs, music blogs etc.). Infographic is closely similar to photo blogs. As its name suggests, it provides (statistical) information using graphics/image. Internet users grew tired of reading content on stationary backgrounds. That’s where Hybrid content comes to play. It has been widely used by marketers in the past and since hummingbird was launched late last year, it just made them more powerful.

At the end of the day, we shouldn’t forget the 3C’s (Clear, Concise and Compelling) of content for our readers and for our marketing efforts. Even the simplest form of content would still be an effective marketing tool when incorporated with this formula. Imagine just how much it can benefit your search engine marketing campaign if you add it with hummingbird’s features.

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