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Successful Product Launching Tips

Social media networking has invoked the trend of launching products due to its trending capabilities and its popularity as an advertising platform. That is social media not only reaches people faster, but it also encourages their interaction and engagement in the launching process. Many website development companies have, therefore, included social media networking in their list of services.

Below are nine tips for a successful product launching platform in social media.

1. Make a teaser. Teasing campaigns excite people even in the early stages of conceptualizing. Remember to experiment with different posting styles, share the campaign progress images, use a catchy code name that piques curiosity, and never give away too much too early.

2. Make a personal video that invokes an empathic connection. The goal is to showcase the need and reason why your product is the solution. Just remember that only hints what the solution is but neither the product itself nor what it does exactly.

3. Have a founders list with a unique email for those who have a higher interest in learning about the campaign and the product.

4. Post sneak peeks every week to promote interest in what’s to come at the product launch.

5. Make use of the educational opportunity and use the launch process as a great
example on how to launch a product.

6. Tease the audience a second time by hyping them up with “coming soon” posts. It is best to post these types of messages across the campaign’s best channels.

7. Have someone interview you on the social media platform. This has two purposes. The first is that it better product promotion to hear it from a spokesperson than the campaign holder and second, the audience will feel like they themselves are asking the questions.

8. Integrate the launch to social media platforms in blog ad banners, Twitter bio or
background image, podcasts, Facebook cover image, Google+ page, company page on LinkedIn, and in the website’s About Us page.

9. Promote the launch further and encourage followers to spread the word.

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