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Social Media Networking: The Fine Line between Social Media and Social Networking

First and foremost, social media networking and content marketing are not the same thing. The former pertains to the process of pushing around your family, friends, acquaintances and other people you do not actually know to check out what you have to offer. On the one hand, content marketing is producing meaty, high-integrity, and relevant content that naturally pulls in prospective business opportunities.

Nowadays, the terms Social Media and Social Networks are utilized interchangeably. However, do they mean the same thing? The answer is no.

Content Marketing: Social Media vs. Social Networking

Essentially, social media is about creating substantial content that people enjoy reading and subsequently share with other people. In detail, people would be redirected to the home site where the content can be found, read the whole content, then leave comments about it (it is social). After this, the website owner responds by creating a dialog (again, it is social). If the content is really bang-up, it gets passed around various social networks (ultimately, it is social again).

Social networking or commonly referred to as social network marketing, on the other hand, is only one form of social media. This pertains to the instance when the content is published in other medium aside from the main website. In this case, the content is published in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The main difference is that social networking is mainly about hanging out with your family and friends. Because of this reason, you should not do marketing and brand development to your friends and family.

All businesses that do marketing in social networks have a single aim- to push people they don’t know into their main website. However according to social media analysts, this process only does no good to enterprises because the numbers of visitors are not analogous to potential business opportunities. In fact, working the social networks mainly for marketing intentions as a means to push or drive people to your website in hopes of converting them into a new customer is merely a waste of time.


In a nutshell, social network marketing is a push factor as it tries to get people to go where they are not ready to go. Content marketing, however, is a pull factor as it naturally attracts visitors because they are searching for something. They have found you and in return, you satisfied their query. So if you really want more clients, make sure to discuss with your seo company the importance of having quality content.

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