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Social Media Networking: How to Make the Most of Pinterest, SEO-wise

With the boom of different social media networking sites, businesses capitalize them to boost their visibility online. Aside from the popular Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, Pinterest is also gaining popularity among marketers because of its capacity to pump up traffic and amplify the brand’s reach. However, in order to do so, you need to increase your presence in search engine result pages (SERPs) first.

Here are some unfailing ways on how to maximize Pinterest with regards to search engine optimization:

  1.    Tweak Your Profile and Use it to Your Advantage – Do not skip the “About” section of your profile. Fill it in with your pertinent information and make sure to add the URL of your website. However, do not make your profile look and sound boring. Present yourself in a unique and remarkable way. As much as possible, insert your target keywords seamlessly within your description. If you are planning to cater a local market, make certain to fill in your location too. Furthermore, make sure that your profile’s search privacy is turned off so people could find it in search results.
  2.    Optimize Your Board Names – In choosing a name for your boards, make them as descriptive and catchy as possible. As a leading seo company suggests, make it personal while using relevant keywords. In return, a well-optimized board has a high chance of gaining good search rankings.
  3.    When Uploading Pins, Double Check the File Names – If you are uploading pins directly from your hard drive, you have the control over their file names. Needless to say, use this capability to your advantage. Rename your pins using relevant keywords before uploading them. It is truly worth your time and effort because search engines also consider file names.
  4.    Pin Items from Your Website – When you pin from a particular web page, a link to that site will appear together with the pin. This implies that a new link to your site is create every time someone or you yourself pins from it. Although these links are not followed by search engines, they may be followed by Pinterest users; hence increasing the magnitude of your following.

Keeping SEO in mind while using Pinterest will help you make the most of your marketing efforts in this platform. By inserting keywords in the right spots, you can significantly boost your page ranking. If you are having trouble following the above-named steps, hiring a search engine marketing firm can come in handy.

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