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Small Business SEO: How to Get One Step Ahead of the Local Competition

Unlike big companies and corporations, majority of small businesses measure the success of their search engines marketing in Virginia Beach, VA through increased number of leads, higher conversion rate, as well as bigger profit. Because of these reasons, even the most thriving small business in the city would attempt to have a targeted campaign.

This is where small business SEO comes in. Because of the fact that most small businesses are operating in a particular geographic area (usually near to their operation base), getting the prospective nearby clients to notice their websites is essential to long-term success.

Having a firm grasp on small business SEO is extremely important to drive more quality traffic to your website, which could eventually lead to creating more customers and actual profit. So where should business owners start?

Google My Business

This tool will put your pertinent business information on Google Search, Google+ and Google Maps to increase the likelihood of your business getting discovered by customers, regardless of their browsing device. The good thing is, if you already used Google+ Pages or Google Places for Business to manage your business info, your account will automatically be upgraded to Google My Business.

Even the most professional search engine optimization specialist in Virginia Beach would highly recommend these free Google platforms to make certain that your business and website are visible in their search engines. Besides, in today’s marketing environment where most consumers have the mindset of “I’ll Google it” when searching for a business, you cannot afford missing out these opportunities online.

Google Places

When searching in Google to look for a certain type of product/service in a specific location, say “movers in Virginia Beach,” Google automatically shows their Maps or Places listings right below the top three in the search result’s 1st page. With over 534,000 results being showed in the given keywords, hitting the maximum local visibility in Google Places is vital to your small business SEO program’s success.

Organic Listing

This is where the tedious part comes in. You should condition yourself that achieving a good ranking in search engine organic listing can be a long shot. The entire process normally takes months or even a year in order for the results to show. Nevertheless, having a good organic ranking will be truly beneficial for your small business in the long run.

If you need a professional hand to manage your on-page and off-page SEO efforts, you can always turn to reputable firms in Virginia Beach that provide expert search engine optimization service.

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