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Seven Things to Look For in a Web Hosting Service

Gone are the days when having a professional website for an enterprise was a personal choice of the business owner. As a matter of fact, most companies with websites today cannot afford even a moment of downtime where their clients can’t access their site. This means that choosing a website hosting and maintenance company is more than critical than ever for website owners. Consequently, provided below are seven tips straight from the experts that would help you decide where to host your website.

  1.   Quality Support24/7 – Initially, ask yourself what kind of support your website needs. So far, the worst thing that could occur to a website is to have an email issue or go down for hours. Although we have incredible technological advancement today, no one is exempted when it comes to technical glitches. Therefore, if you find yourself in the middle of these, it is best to have a reliable company that you can depend on to get prompt solution. This implies that you should look for providers that offer free customer support service 24/7.
  2.   Parking Service – Determine if you can park your company’s other domain names with ease. Nowadays, dozens of companies purchase their .net, .com, .org, and other hyphenated version of their own service names, domain names, and more. For this reason, it is indeed convenient and efficient especially for brand management to have these in a single control panel and acknowledge beforehand that you would not lose any traffic.
  3.   Adequate Backup – Make certain that your web hosting company can provide more than enough backup. This is expedient in case you accidentally deleted one of your important website directories, your blog directory for instance. If your host provides dependable disaster recovery plans and automatically backup their backups, your website and its contents are in good hands.
  4.   99% or More Uptime Guarantee – Needless to say, the last thing you don’t want to happen is when your valuable clients experience a blank screen once they type in your URL. Thus, make certain your hosting service has a solid reputation for uptime and redundancy. As much as possible, look for a provider that can offer 99% or more uptime guarantee in order to avoid seeing your website experience constant server outages. In addition, make sure their main server has several mirrored servers (backup) so if one of them goes down, they have other servers that are already online and ready to go.
  5.   Seamless Accessibility – There are some hosting services that make it difficult for website owners to make alterations in their websites. Thus, make sure to shop for host that is capable of providing you seamless access to their server so that you can easily change server settings, create new email accounts, and more.
  6.   Can Support Blog – Apart from social media tools, another necessary commodity for most company websites today is a blog. Although you don’t blog today, you might realize its worth in the future so make certain that your hosting service can meet the minimum requirements of various blogging platforms like WordPress. This is very important for start-up and small businesses that utilize blogs mainly for their content marketing because not all hosts support this function yet.
  7.   Exit Strategy – Although you are commoved about everything regarding the great offers of your hosting provider, make sure to still read the fine print regarding their side if you take your business elsewhere. A lot of hosts today make it really hard for their clients to move their domains away from them. Always keep in mind that a professional and principled host would not make this process difficult.


Considering these above-mentioned tips before availing a web hosting service will definitely help you have a smooth hassle-free website operation and management in the long run. Furthermore, be sure to also clarify the scope and limitations of their services, as well as their respective charges, in order to prevent them from charging you additional costs for ill-defined services.

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