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SEO’s, are you serving a bot or a human?

Stop for a while and think why you are an Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Before you think about creating web signs, custom web designs, market collaterals, maintenance, and such ask yourself, “Am I doing his for the sake of profit or for the people? We should design for the people not Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

We should consider first the usability of the website we’re creating before optimization. It’s more important to focus on the user’s experience and how to improve it. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter where your page ranks if no one is interested in what you have to offer.

Between bountiful tactics and strategies that we create and implement to our website.We
should still bear in mind that our first and foremost priorities are the quality and satisfaction of users and their experience. Users are not idiots that their very purposes in visiting webpages are just for our own benefit, just lures to earn profit.

Instead of becoming a link builder, we should concentrate more on qualifying ourselves as a human who cares. This method has been tested for thousands of years. The old saying that “good quality service = good return of investments” is true. Just concentrate on what really matters and why you are doing this as well as the very purpose why you are an SEO right now .Now would you choose to be a bot servant or a reputable search engine optimizer that knows the true meaning of the word?

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