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SEO Ranking Factors: Mobile vs. Desktop

With the continuous revolution of the mobile market, it has been a constant debate within the search engine optimization (SEO) industry whether mobile SEO should be a separate branch from desktop SEO. In relation to this topic, online marketers and SEO practitioners are also baffled whether the content for mobile should be different from those of desktop. Nevertheless, the bottom line is whether the ranking factors between the two are the same.

Indeed, mobile devices are the next big thing, and a lot of firms that are working actively on ranking factor analysis believe that there are difference between mobile and desktop SEO when it comes to ranking factors. They strongly believe that Google, the largest search engine to date, views desktop and mobile differently when it comes to presenting search results. However, it is actually too early to say the exact factors that drive rankings on mobile.


Nevertheless, one thing is certain- there are differences. For instance, the content for mobile search optimization must be different because the attention span of mobile device users are fairly different compared to desktop users. Additionally, the context is also different. For example, a searcher have different needs when looking for restaurants on mobile devices compared to searching using a desktop computer.

All these arguments and findings are definitely an interesting topic today because dozens of businesses are shifting to a mobile-centered strategy. This includes prioritizing content and other seo tools for mobile platforms. Eventually, we might devise a content structure that is perfectly fit for this strategy.

Quality Signals

With regards to quality signals such as time spent and bounce rate, there’s also a difference between mobile and desktop. ComScore discovered that the time spent for regular content in mobile is lower than of desktop’s. However, the time spent on rich media such as videos and clips is much higher. The same trend is evident on the bounce rates on desktop and mobile devices.


Although there is no clear information yet whether companies should start optimizing their content for mobile devices, they should focus now on delivering responsive design first. For the meantime, a professional firm that offers expert yet affordable search engine optimization can help you make the most of available seo tools and practices to improve your rankings both in desktop and mobile search results.

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