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SEO Planning: Website Content Development

If you are planning to have the best SEO strategy in Columbus, Ohio for your dear website, you might want to consider developing your site’s content. Why? It is mainly because a well-written content can naturally attract people. These people can be readers who are trying to find something worthy to read, visitors who are looking for product/service to buy, or industry people who are finding content that they can share or link to. Needless to say, all of them offer a win-win-win situation for your website.

In the long run, the more people who are engaged with your brand (through your website), the higher your chance of showing search engines that you deserve a good spot in their results pages.

So how do to start developing web content? Here are the step-by-step stages:

#1: Locate Your Audience

This is a crucial part because the nature and tone of your content depend on whom your website is talking to. Are you trying to pull in new buyers? To hold existing clients? Or to provide general information to the public?

There is also a possibility where your target audience will vary across web pages. Some of your pages might speak to existing customers while others might address to prospective clients. Therefore, start off this search engine optimization strategy by keeping in mind whom the page is talking to.

#2: Identify Their Pain Points

Everybody needs or wants something while browsing websites. Whether they are looking for information or finding something that will convince them to purchase a product/service, it is imperative that your content can adequately respond to these “pain points.”

Place yourself in their shoes to specifically know what they need in visiting your website. Carefully look at patterns, and try to discover the information about your brand/product/company that seems to be valuable to website visitors.

#3: Create an Outline

After identifying the target audience, and pinpointing their needs, the next step is to create a website outline. The objective of creating this framework is to have a detailed and hierarchical sketch of pages that your website will have. List all web pages and then consolidate them by their parent and child pages.

#4: Make a Content Inventory

Before writing the content, it is also advisable to create an inventory of all your existing content assets – be it articles, blog posts, infographics or product documents. Review all of these, and keep only those that can be used to talk with your audience or to address their questions.

Content is one of your secret weapons. With informative and engaging content, several visitors and prospective clients will bring in traffic to your site, and likely convert those visits to sales. After accomplishing this content development planning stage, then your SEO strategy in Columbus, Ohio is one step closer in achieving its goal!

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