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SEO in New York: A Competitive Landscape

At a glance, the so-called “City That Never Sleeps” is the most populous city in the United States with an estimated population of 8.4 million as of last year (2013). Apart from its massive demographics, it also sports its job growth rate of 1.8 percent this year. In fact, Forbes has ranked New York as #71 in its list of best places for business and careers this year.

To boot, the city is also a home for over a million business firms, which definitely makes it a key player in international finance, commerce, media, technology, fashion, as well as entertainment. Thus, in today’s digital age, these businesses are not only vying for the actual market presence, but digital prominence as well. For this reason, every business needs the best search engine optimization in New York, NY in order for their websites to rank well in their chosen keywords, and of course, in their respective markets.

Competition in SEO

Needless to say, competition in search engine optimization will be composed of all business enterprises in the city that desire to acquire more clients through the web. From start-ups, to small-scales, to corporations, every business that has a website and domain is virtually your competitor in SEO. That is why picking out an SEO firm that will handle your search engine marketing campaign is not only imperative, but somewhat critical as well, for they will determine the fate of your online success.

Data Driven Competitive Analysis

Before starting out an SEO campaign, your SEO firm should ensure that all critical questions to ask in a competitive analysis are answered. The analysis must reveal who the competitors are, where they acquire traffic from, what their on-page and off-page strategies are, etc. Besides, SEO campaigns that are grounded in quality data are those that have a higher chance of getting irrefutable results.

Local SEO

Each of us is a consumer, too. So as a business owner, you also know that whenever a person goes online to search for services or products, they are likely looking for a local provider. This is what local SEO is about. It aims to improve your website’s rankings in local searches. One great advantage of local marketing strategy is that it allows your business to have a higher conversion rate; hence, more sales.

Although SEO in this city is very competitive, this is still one of the most crucial online marketing strategies you can do for your business. A professional firm that provides cutting edge yet affordable search engine optimization in New York can help you pull off a thriving marketing campaign in the World Wide Web.

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