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SEO Fundamentals that Your Business Should Have

If your company relies heavily on search engine optimization (SEO) to drive people into your business website, then you need to be heedful about the recent changes in today’s SEO landscape. As you might know by now, search engine optimization is not achievable overnight. So scratch off the SEO company in Fresno, CA that promises overnight success in your list.

Normally, a successful SEO strategy has five pillars: brand development, content marketing, link outreach, social media marketing and superb mobile experience. In detail, here are the fundamentals that your business should be doing or having right now:

  1. Mobile-friendly Website – In case you haven’t heard, Google (the largest stakeholder in today’s search engine industry) actually admitted their predilection on mobile-friendly website in terms of ranking. Simply put, these websites provide better user experience, which is also the ultimate goal of Google in delivering results through their search engine. Start investing on having a responsive web design and begin organizing your site’s information architecture in order for your visitors to experience smooth and seamless navigation.
  1. Social Interaction – According to Fresno SEO experts, social media platforms have become an extension of every business’ customer service department. So if your business is using Facebook or sending occasional tweets just for the sake of it, then you are clearly lagging behind. The social interaction between brands and people is far more valuable than information sharing because better brand development, integrity establishment and quality client engagement are simultaneously happening through this process.
  1. Link Earning – Forget link “building” and shift your mindset to “earning” links instead. Focus on developing your brand through acquiring links the natural way. Establish your brand as an authority or industry leader so you will have ample opportunities to obtain mentions on other reputable and authoritative websites within your niche.
  1. Content Marketing – Developing quality content is only half of the deal because you need to effectively market it in order to increase your likelihood of establishing some serious market presence. Therefore, content marketing is not an option anymore; it is now a necessity. Do not write and publish a blog, or submit an article then call it a day. Create a strategy on how to deliver the right content asset to the right sets of people.

On top of these fundamentals, you should keep in mind that SEO solutions that follow a cookie-cutter approach will never work. Each brand has different problems that need to be addressed by a tailored approach to help you achieve an effective brand development. So if you truly desire to achieve a more sustainable search engine ranking, set up a meeting with a professional SEO firm in Fresno today!

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