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SEO: Data-driven Competitive Analysis and Local SEO

As of 2013, there are roughly 1.5 million people living in Phoenix, Arizona and more than half of them are engaged in business. In fact, there are approximately 150,000 business establishments in the city. With this number of active establishments, the business landscape in the area is very competitive. In today’s digital age, these enterprises are not only competing for the actual market presence, but also for digital prominence. Consequently, every business needs an equally competitive, if not the best, search engine optimization in Phoenix, Arizona in order for their websites to to be highly visible to their target audience and market.

SEO Competition

The local SEO competition will surely be composed of all business entities in the city that hope to increase their client acquisition from the web. Therefore, it is safe to presume that all businesses from startups, to medium-scales, and to big corporations are your competitors as long as they have a working website. This is why choosing the SEO company that will manage your SEO campaign is not only important, but crucial as well, for they will drive your path of success in online marketing.

What Every Business Needs? A Data Driven Competitive Analysis

Before embarking on any SEO endeavor, it is important that all crucial questions about the SEO plan is prudently answered by the SEO firm. This, of course, includes analyzing your existing competition. The competitive analysis should clearly state who your competitors are, where they get most of their traffic, and what their evident on-page and off-page SEO strategies are. In the long-run, you will notice that an SEO plan that is grounded in data has a better chance of producing positive results.

When is Local SEO a Must?

Needless to say, business owners are consumers, too! So, as a business entity, you must understand that whenever a consumer goes online to find products or services, there is a huge tendency that they are searching for a local provider. This is when businesses need a strong local SEO strategy. Local SEO is about improving your website’s visibility particularly in local searches. When more and more people find you in local searches, the higher your chances are in converting them into paying customers, hence, more actual sales.

Even though search engine optimization in this city can be very competitive, a professional company that offers cutting edge yet affordable search engine optimization in Phoenix, AZ can help your business to pull off a successful online marketing.

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