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SEO at a Glance (literally)

Silver Connect Web Design is host to a team of reliable, experienced and adaptable SEO professionals who are dedicated to high-quality of work and continuous improvement and innovation in the practice of search engine optimization. We promise our clients only the best results when it comes to SEO marketing, and we are able to deliver on this promise thanks to our knowledge and skills.

When we look at it from a layman’s point of view, perhaps the most crucial part in the relationship between the searcher and the website owner is the usually brief, mere-seconds-long period of time the searcher spends reviewing his or her search results. These few seconds, and the small impressions that results’ details make on the searcher often make the difference between a potential visit and a search result being ignored. When it comes to the world of SEO marketing, a webpage’s first impression is incredibly important and should be given utmost attention when it comes to optimization.

So the grand question is, how can a person optimize their webpage, from the eyes of a search engine results page (SERP)? Here are a few notable steps:

  1. Think of attractive title tags. If you were given a choice between “How to choose a puppy,” and “5 easy tips in choosing your next dog,” we’re willing to bet you’d choose the latter. This is optimization on the title level, and it involves thinking of a title tag (the blue result titles you see when you search for something) that can captivate and attract. Nowadays, people prefer title tags that exude convenience and easy-to-understand content and reading. This includes number “lists” (Top 5 of X, Top 10 of x for 2017, etc), and catch-alls. (One easy tip to lose weight, etc)
  2. Try to include your domain name in your title tag. “5 ways to love your dog | Dog Lovers Inc.” can come off much more professional and authoritative. Including your domain name in your title tag means that you’re building or have built a reputation that you’re willing to show other people. This “brands” your result, and when people see it, they think “Aha! It comes from that impressive and reputable website. I might as well click on it.” That’s effective SEO marketing.
  3. Create relevant and informative meta-descriptions. What you see below the title tag, the short paragraph that gives you a quick look-see as to what the webpage contains, that’s a meta-description. In creating meta-descriptions, make sure to include your designated keywords because search engines like Google have the authority to display your meta-description as they see fit. So if you were to write a paragraph containing 5 sentences about puppies, Google might modify it to show only 2 or 3 sentences containing what the searcher was looking for. Relevant and informative meta-descriptions don’t make that much of a difference in ranking, but when people start to read, this is the first text they’ll encounter so you better make it count.
  4. Keep metatags short and readable. Metatags mean your title tag and meta-description. There is debate about this. Ideally, your title tag should be somewhere between 50-60 characters and your meta-description hitting somewhere in the 50-300 character mark. Anything more than this and search engines like Google truncates it, which is a fancy word for cutting off. Some clever people have gone beyond this rule and still have managed to get good results, but a majority say that metatags below the truncation line mean cleaner and neater appearances.
  5. Make your URL human-friendly. What this means is that your URL should be able to be read by a normal human being. Instead of opting for a URL that includes a whole lot of “160bacabae2308da” and “##%#%#%#%#,” as much as possible try to go for one that is simple and as short as possible. “” looks much more appealing to visit than “” does.
  6. Date and update. When people are searching for information, or products and services, they want the latest buzz. Search results within the current year, or maybe with a date a year old are bound to get more visits for the common search over webpages that date back to 2006 or 2007, unless searcher intent demands historical or old documents. It is also found that previously well-performing webpages, if are updated, have a higher probability of performing well on search engines instead of trying to create new content.

That’s SEO at a glance. Hopefully you’ve understood how important a first impression is, and how crucial the few seconds of a searcher on a SERP are. If you need any help getting a really impressive SERP profile, contact Silver Connect Web Design’s team of reliable SEO Marketing experts by visiting our website at

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