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SEO and Content Marketing: Basics You Can’t Afford Missing Out

Search engine optimization is incessantly changing – that’s a fact. So, if you really want to advance your online search engine optimization in Fort Worth, Texas, your overall strategy should always be adaptive to changes. One of these changes is the shift to content development. As a matter of fact, businesses nowadays have at least one content marketer who oversees all the content assets produced to ensure that the content marketing strategy is carried out as planned.

Nevertheless, some content marketers are still committing basic mistakes that prove to be detrimental to their campaign. For this reason, provided below are three SEO basics that they should get their heads around.

  1. Key Terms or Keywords– These terms are important for all content copies because they tell search engines what the content is about. Therefore, highlighting your sought after key terms in content assets will be beneficial if you want to rank for that particular term. That being said, content marketers should include these terms in the title tag, heading, title of content, body and other tags.All these can greatly influence your web page rank for that key term. However, never ever spam these terms for Google will penalize your website for doing so. Rather, make sure that the key term goes well with the entire content, and make the whole copy interesting, informative, and read- and share-worthy.
  1. Copy Length – All Fort Worth SEO marketers will surely be familiar with what Google Panda is about. This is not the black and white, cute and cuddly Panda. In fact, it is not as cuddly as you think because it has been penalizing website for years especially those that have thin and poor quality content. Based from the updates, Google Panda also seeks out those content with low word count.So, how can content marketers avoid their websites getting penalized by Panda? Well, gone are the days when 250 to 300-word blog posts worked as magic. Today, length and, more importantly, substance will help your web pages have a better chance at ranking.
  1. Link Building – Even though link building is not as important as it used to be, links still play a crucial role on how search engines rank web pages and their content. Content marketers do not need to build links, but they can perform certain measures to convince people to link to their content. Tactics such as link outreach, “Tweet this quote,” and guest blogging to reputable sites are some effective ways to build high-quality links.

Although the world of SEO is changing from time to time, the basics still remain essential and effective. If you need professional help, you can always turn to an expert SEO company in Fort Worth, TX to advance your search engine marketing campaign.

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