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Search Engines Marketing: Differentiating Link Building and Content Marketing

There’s a trifle of misunderstanding in search engine marketing industry right now. It looks like heaps of people, even semi-professionals, are mixing up link building and content marketing or interpreting content marketing as the “new” link building. However, this notion is erroneous, as content marketing and link building are essentially different.

Although they belong on the same page when it comes to marketing a business online, content marketing is NOT link building. This blog post, however, doesn’t say that content marketing isn’t effective. Rather, both of these are deeply different strategies that have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Content Marketing

With the recent updates on Google algorithm, content marketing is progressively becoming a necessity rather than an option because of its expediency in both search engines and users. One of the key strengths of content marketing is its ability to vigorously engage with your target audience. Providing them with relevant and useful content gives you the opportunity to interact with them through that content. The capacity to engage in substantive yet purposeful conversations with your target audience is indeed a competitive edge for your business.

On the other hand, content marketing also has weaknesses. With mere content, there’s no assurance that it will be visible enough for your audience. This can be a really big problem according to a leading search engine optimization company because content marketing cannot achieve its wished-for purposes without proper visibility.

This is where a link building program comes in.

Link Building

The main advantage of link building is search visibility. Perhaps, links are at the center of every search engine algorithm, therefore they truly have a direct impact on search and page rankings. Building links on websites that are relevant is still the most effective means to advance rankings in search results. Another link building strength comes in the form of driving targeted traffic. With these benefits, link building is certainly an effective strategy to build authority and to enhance brand awareness

Similar to content marketing, a sound link building campaign necessitates a lot of time, effort, and monetary investment. Given the fact that the SEO environment is constantly evolving and changing, your link building strategy should also be flexible in order to still carry out the best practices for your campaign.


To sum it up briefly, link building and content marketing are two different search engine optimization services that are geared to fulfill different goals. However, you could integrate both of them to your online marketing strategy if you want to yield more effective results.

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