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Search Engine Optimization for E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites or sites that have online business transactions, require a more in depth development process than a standard website would. So it isn’t a surprise that these sites need an extended search engine optimization regiment than most sites do. Here to aid in this search engine optimization are 9 tips that make for an optimized online business.

The first: Create a keyword report. Use tools like the Google Keyword Tool to intelligently select specific keywords and phrases specific to the business, products or services type which can increase the traffic frequency to the site.

The second: Easy to use structure. Have a straight to the point website structure that
makes it easy for users to perform the transaction intended of the site, which is to shop.
“No fuss, no cuss” as some would say.

The third: Do not neglect basic SEO practices. Just because an e-commerce site is different, it is still a website and should still receive the full advantage of basic SEO

The fourth: Have a blog. Not just having a blog, but a having a well maintained and
updated blog has the main purpose of making both users and Google Bot think that
there is something new and that the site is still in use.

The fifth: Social Media ready. Do not doubt that social media is a powerful and integral
platform of giving better authority to your site plus more visibility with users. Also, only
use the relevant social media channels.

The sixth: Take the reviews. Not everyone can be pleased all the time and bad reviews
are to be expected. The ideal thing to do is to address these reviews in a diplomatic and
non abusive way.

The seventh: Make the site flexible. This means that the site should be designed and
optimized to be viewed by any device, especially with the trend being the use of tablets
and smartphones.

The eighth: Entice with content. This may be a little difficult for e-commerce sites but a
few suggestion is “how to” contents of either maintaining the product or how to make the
user look better with the product.

The ninth: Only link authority sites to the e-commerce website and avoid the site-killing
spamming sites.

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