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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing: Mobile Taking Over the Consumer Purchasing Process

Based on the findings from 3rd Annual U.S. Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study that were released a few days ago, mobile is now taking over the customer purchasing decision process. What’s surprising about this finding is that almost 66% of mobile-driven purchases occur offline. Needless to say, this data is essential and can be of valuable use among search engine optimization and marketing professionals around the globe.

Essentially, this study revealed that mobile now dominates desktop as a tool for searching products or services. Today, people are spending more time on their smartphones or tablets than ever before, accounting to almost 64% of total time spent online. Among these mobile users, 4 out of 10 of them regard mobile as the most important tool to help them arrive at a purchasing decision. However, offline activity remains to play a substantial role as more than 52% of consumers still visit brick-and-mortar stores, with 64% of them complete their purchases offline.

Indeed, the impact of this boosted mobile usage is important and it is not bounded to on-device activity alone. With mobile customers looking to arrive at decisions more quickly and locally, mobile also serves as a great tool for driving in-store activity.

Because of the fact that almost two out of three mobile users normally end up in making a purchase, a search engine marketing solution that is centered for this audience is necessary. In addition, most mobile activities occur at the start of the purchasing cycle. Although only one out of five mobile users admitted that they already know what they are looking for, a huge 65% of them completed their transactions within the day. The results are more favorable for businesses within the restaurant and entertainment industries because the research-to-purchase cycle is much faster at 64% and 51% respectively, looking to complete their transactions within minutes or within an hour.

Final Thoughts

Apart from an extended mobile device usage and quicker research-to-purchase cycle, the study also found that 5 out of 10 mobile customers want a location within walking distance or within 5 miles from their current position. In fact, the location lookups as well as the price are still the heftiest buying-related activities.

With the above-mentioned findings, you cannot afford not having search engine marketing services that are intended to cater the needs of the ever-growing mobile consumers.

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