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Search Engine Marketing Solution for Small Business: SEO or PPC?

When it comes to driving visitors to small business websites, a common question that every business owner has is whether pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO) is the best search engine marketing solution. Needless to say, both of these options are effective sources of web traffic. Therefore, business owners should prudently weigh the pros and cons of each.


It is a business model on the internet where a company would place advertisement on a website, then remunerates the host website when users click that advertisement. Because of this nature, PPC is commonly pertained to as paid search marketing.

  1.    Pros – Because of the fact that ads can be placed immediately on a host website, it can yield results right after launching the PPC campaign. What’s more is that, you don’t have to worry about algorithm updates because PPC ads are not affected when search engines update or alter their algorithm. In addition, you can specifically target your ideal clientele by setting the geographical area where your ads will be shown. This is very expedient for startup and small business because they can focus on targeting potential local clients only.
  2.    Cons – PPC campaign can be very costly especially if it is not established properly. Sometimes, it can deplete your budget with reaping only a few benefits from the campaign. In order to avoid this, PPC must be prudently planned and should be handled by a seasoned search engine marketing firm since it requires constant tweaking and optimization in order to keep the ads producing satisfactory return of investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization

The search results derived from SEO efforts are pertained to as “organic results” because they are natural results that search engines return when a query is carried out.

  1.    Pros – One long-term benefits of organic SEO is that achieving a top search result naturally would not only provide massive exposure, but more importantly, searchers would deem your website to be more credible because it reaches the top without the help of paid ads. In addition, a well-done SEO campaign could also yield larger ROI than PPC.
  2.    Cons – In a nutshell, the only disadvantage of SEO is that it takes some time to see the actual results and you have to compete with millions of websites that are also trying to increase their web page rankings; not to mention that SEO strategies depend on algorithm updates.


In closing, carefully consider and weigh the pros and cons of each search engine marketing optimization campaigns to see which of them fits your business needs and objectives.

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