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Search Engine Marketing Optimization: Organic Search vs. Paid Search

Both paid search and organic search are nifty options for driving traffic into your website in order to obtain leads. However, it is a constant debate in search engine marketing and optimization industry which of them yields better results. Does one surpass the other? In answering this question, website owners should weigh their specific benefits on their businesses.

Organic Search vs. Paid Search

In layman’s terms, organic search yields “free” traffic that is sent to your website from various search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google. These search engines look for content and keywords on your website to subsequently determine the relevance of your site in relation to the key terms or question being asked. Producing quality content and doing various search engine optimization practices definitely take up time and money. Hence, although you are not directly paying for every clicked advertisement, you are actually paying (in some way) just to show up in search engine’s organic search results.

Paid search, on the other hand, is when businesses put up advertisements on search engines to lead traffic into their online portals. Advertisers pay the ad publishers (for instance, Yahoo, Google, etc.) when their advertisements are clicked. Advertisements are shown depending on several factors such as the targeted keywords, the amount you bid on these keywords, the relevance of your website, as well as other factors like the specific geographical area where your ad will be shown.

SEO Strategy vs. PPC Strategy

Search engine marketing firms have proven both these strategies to yield successful results. However in some instances, using PPC is not appropriate for a particular business, and the same goes with organic SEO.

Organic SEO is expedient if you are yearning for more consistent results. Even so, consistent results require a lot of work because ranking your website until it successfully appear on the first page of search engines will not happen overnight. However once you do arrive at the first page, you can now relish the consistent and sustained effect of utilizing SEO.

If you are looking for targeted traffic, marketers would suggest PPC because it allows search engines to narrow down traffic based on your desired geographical location. Therefore, it is beneficial for local businesses that service a particular area. In fact, some PPC platforms offer advertisers the ability to specify the search even further by specific gender, age range, education levels, income brackets, and more.


In choosing the right search engine marketing solution, whether SEO or PPC, it is always important to assess first what your business really needs. Although many thought that these two are rivals, they are both essential and often complement each other in bringing growth and development to business enterprises.

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