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Resources to Help You Be More Active in the Web Graphic Design Community

Since the times are changing, it’s more important than ever to get involved in the community. The question then becomes easy: If I’m a developer and/or designer and want to be more active in the online community, where do I even start? Where can I find web development solutions?

Getting involved through forums:

Visiting a forum and interacting with others is a great way to hear about new ideas and share your knowledge. Below are a few of the best forums specifically for web developers and designers:

Forrst – The forum’s focus is on design and code review, and the discussions are some of the liveliest.

Stack Overflow – Allows readers to interact without having to answer or ask a question. No registration required, which is quite unique.

Web Developer – This is a popular forum with a huge amount of information. Registration is required before you can start.

Follow experts through Social Media:

A few industry gurus you might want to consider following so that you can gather information on how to improve your web development services quickly are stated below:

John Resig – Creator of jQuery, author and JavaScript programmer.

Gina Trapani – the cofounder and CTO of ThinkUp and is definitely one of the more influential women developers today.

Eric A. Meyer – The owner of He’s incredibly knowledgeable and accessible. You could say he’s very active.

Read Blogs:

Engage and interact with different blog posts. Below includes a list of popular blogs:

Smashing Magazine – Has an easy to read layout and content from the top developers in the industry.

OXP – Easy to understand blogs which covers topics ranging from working from home to more technical subjects.

In the end, getting active in your community is a great way to not only make connections, but also draw inspiration. Web Graphic Design particularly is a field where you can be creative and share ideas to others, and the Development community understands that and wants to help.

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