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Ready for 2015? Here are Some Web Design Trends to Expect

If you are looking for a best way to bid your goodbye to 2014 and welcome the upcoming 2015, then cleaning up your website design is indeed a good idea. If hiring a professional website design firm in Atlanta, Georgia is part of your plan next year, they will definitely stress the importance of having a responsive design.

This year, more and more people are utilizing their mobile devices to go online. Therefore, if your website does not have a responsive design yet, then it will not display all web elements correctly across different browsers and devices. Eventually, this poor user experience delivery will result to poor performance in sales.

Apart from having a responsive design, here are some additional web design trends to add in your 2015 resolution:

Scrolling Over Clicking

Whether you like it or not, the preference for scrolling over clicking is likely to stay next year. Perhaps, the main reason behind this is because of the younger generation’s predilection and satisfaction for scrolling. Nevertheless, make sure that your target audience also shares the same strong liking to optimized results.

A Customization that is Font-oriented

A few years back, the web tools and kits that let you design your website with different fonts and typefaces are ludicrously pricy. This implies that only website owners with hefty budgets back then were the ones who can play with typography without restrictions. However, this is not the case anymore. Thanks to free tools nowadays, you can freely choose the font that suits your website nature. For this reason, more and more websites next year will not miss the chance of tapping these free web kits and tools for customization.

Ghost Buttons

Contrary to popular notions, the so-called ghost buttons will remain rampant in most websites next year. Why? They are easy to execute, visually subtle, and sports a minimalist design. What’s more is that, these buttons complement well with big background images as well as videos. They are like classy diamond earrings that can go well with any outfit and style. Because of this, this trend is far from being dead.

Big Images

If you are fond of making a statement through your website, then you should keep an eye on using big images for the background instead of following the usual formal layout. However, this web design trend has a tradeoff. Because you will be needing a high quality image, the loading response time of your website may slow down. So prepare to suffer the consequences in choosing this trend.

These are just a few of the web design trends you should be expecting for the coming year. If you need professional assistance in executing these trends in 2015, do not hesitate to turn to Atlanta affordable website design service providers!

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