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Quirky Ideas on Creating Innovative Custom Web Design

 In today’s web environment, having a custom web design layout is not sufficient anymore since web visitors now tend to stay more on a website that has innovative layout, creative graphics, and of course, relevant and meaty content. Although it sounds simple, it is indeed a big challenge for web designers. However to help you get started, here are some ideas and ways on how to make your layout as ingenious and unique as possible:

1.    Work the Details First – Even though this may seem as the exact opposite of a designer’s normal workflow, it is actually a bang-up way to get the creative juice running. Working on small details first usually triggers new ideas and thoughts in your brain on what to do in other areas of the site. As much as possible, restrict yourself from working the layout from top to bottom. Surely, your canvass will be filled with great and creative ideas before you even realize it.

2.    Being Unorthodox Has its Vantages – Although grid systems, like the 960 Grid System, are very useful not only in lining up custom graphic designs, but also in displaying the content, they somehow restrain designers to think outside the box. Always keep in mind that your ideas are not curbed within the 960-pixel box. If you truly want to develop an innovative layout, try to steer away from the usual and explore various layout types.

3.    Don’t Acquire Inspirations from the Web – While blog posts and online galleries containing web designs and layout examples are useful for acquiring inspiration, do not start a project using the design/layout of other designers. It is highly advisable to come up with your own. Besides, you will not know how creative you are until you have filled your canvas with all your own creations.

4.    Do Not Use CMS – CMS integration is indeed beneficial for collaborative work within the organization. However, the convenience and usability provided by content management systems somehow limit the possibilities of creative designs. Therefore, don’t use CMS if you truly want to start a creative project.

5.    Collaborate with Others – Partnering up with other designers is definitely not a sign of weakness. In fact, collaborating with others is a fun and inspiring experience as you will reinforce each other to make creative results.

Starting a creative design from scratch is truly a daunting task. However, you could always turn to a professional firm that provides pioneering yet affordable website design and layout services to help you along the way.

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