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Phoenix Web Development: Checklist for Improving Website Performance

When it comes to boosting website function and performance, most website owners read articles and blog posts online to check the things that can be tweaked about their web design, content optimization and web development in Phoenix, AZ. Of course, there are a plethora of information available on the web regarding this matter. However, let us face it, the real challenge lies in choosing the most appropriate SEO resources or tactics that can be applied to your own strategy or campaign. The selection process alone can consume ample amount of time especially if website optimization is not really your bread and butter.

So, how exactly can you optimize your website both for the search engine and for your viewers? How can you concentrate your efforts in creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience? To help you get started, here are some strategies that your business must focus on to enhance website performance:

#1: Crawlability

Essentially, search engines appreciate how a website lays out its design and content. Needless to say, your website infrastructure must deliver the information they are looking for when crawling your site. Therefore, the way your website provides information when search engines index pages is crucial to your website’s performance as a whole.

Some of the good practices include providing a content sitemap, ensuring that your website has no broken links, connecting your website to Bing and Google webmaster tools, and ensuring that call-to-actions (CTAs) are situated above the fold. Professional website developers in Phoenix, together with your SEO guys, can help you set up, implement and monitor these actions.


#2: Quality Content

Do not make your website a ghost town where only a handful of people visit from time to time. So, instead of writing mediocre and okay content, why not start generating awesome content? A bang up and engaging content will not only make visitors stay longer, but it will also generate traffic and improve the site’s domain authority once it is indexed by search engines and a lot of viewers share it to others.


#3: Links

Links still play a critical role when it comes to website performance. The more quality links pointing to your website, the higher search engines will deem it as a trusted source of information, hence improving its ranking on search results. Just make sure that all your backlinks are coming from reputable websites.


#4: Social Media

Social media has truly revolutionized how content reaches people today. Making the most of popular and available platforms will definitely do wonders in promoting not only your content, but your brand as well. In the long-run, having ample social signals will boost your online presence and reputation.


So, if you are ready to take your website to another level, start incorporating these four essential things into your strategy today. If you need professional assistance, you can always turn to expert firms that provide complete website development solutions and services.

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