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Parallax in Web and Graphic Design

The online realm has never been as visually-striking as it is today. If you can remember, the internet started only as a network of networks used mainly to exchange information. Now, it has transformed into a panoptic digital environment where most people meet virtually. Over the last decades, the industry has been filled with every creative and professional web and graphic designer in Miami, Florida who incessantly reinvents web design. Of course, this “reinvention” mainly includes prioritizing the website’s user-friendliness, aesthetic design and information structure.

Among the notable trends in today’s web design industry is the “parallax scrolling.” Provided below is the information you need to know about this contemporary technique.

Parallax: What is it?

Parallax is an optical phenomenon that includes the apparent displacement of an object as seen from two different points that are not in a line with the object. In application, we tend to see an object or a view changing depending on where we stand or position.

In fact, we encounter this kind of phenomenon every day. For example, when you are riding in your car, most objects that are near your location such as the roadside trees or lampposts will surely appear to be moving quickly past from you. However, the tall backdrop such as buildings or mountains will definitely move slowly. As you can surmise, objects that are even farther such as the sun may even look unchanged while you are moving. This alteration in perceived motion position is parallax.

Dynamic Scrolling

The advent of parallax in web and graphic design in Miami, Florida has truly revolutionized the interaction between websites and its users from simple clicking to scrolling. Given the fact that a lot of websites nowadays adopt a single-page, scrolling indeed becomes a crucial part for them to provide their users a good experience. As a result, most web design trends today are centered on ensuring user experience to feel dynamic and more engaging.

Needless to say, parallax is the most evident of these trends, and it is normally applied through the use of different background layers that move at different speeds as the user scrolls.

Parallax scrolling is definitely the future of web design. So, if you want to capitalize this new web design trend, better contact a professional company that specializes in web and graphics design in Miami. As the online world continues to progress, so should website designs. Parallax scrolling is one of the numerous tools that contemporary designers can try out in their next web design project.

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