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Optimizing WordPress Websites for Beginners

For business enterprise owners, one of the chief decisions they will encounter when developing a website is what content management system to use. Even though there are a handful decent CMS options today, WordPress is the one that dominates the virtual environment regardless of the type of the project, budget, as well as technical experience of the website owner. Today, more than 100 million websites are utilizing WordPress including some of the biggest names such as CNN, Samsung, New York Times, Mashable, Forbes and eBay. Nevertheless, do SEO experts in Los Angeles, California think that WordPress is the best platform SEO-wise?

According to Moz’s very own Rand Fishkin, the answer is undoubtedly YES. WordPress not only provides the best user experience for both visitors and webmasters, but it also makes the lives of SEO practitioners much easier. For this reason, here are some tips on how WordPress site owners could enhance their SEO practices:

#1: Learn the Difference between and

Although they look the same, there is a difference between the two. The “.org” version is an open-source, self-hosted platform that is ideal for advanced users. The “.com” version is usually the free version but you can always purchase or upgrade your subscription.

Another notable difference between them is customization. You cannot fully customize a website in terms of plugins, themes and widgets. Therefore, if you are eyeing to develop a corporate website and have the budget to take SEO in the long run, offers you full control over your website.

#2: Edit the URL Structure

Apart from making the URL structure neat-looking in the visitor’s browser tab, editing it also assists search engines in crawling and indexing your URLS properly. According to a search engine optimization specialist in Los Angeles, CA, the most fitting permalink structure in SEO is either of the following:

  • /%postname%, or
  • /%category%/%postname%/

#3: Enforce Authorship

If blogging is your main reason for using WordPress, and you haven’t taken advantage of Google Authorship yet, then you are actually losing something valuable in SEO. Authorship is Google’s way of organizing and indexing content based from the author. One great benefit of Authorship is that the image of the author as well as byline will appear next to the post in Google search results. The appearance of these snippets would certainly heighten your click-through rate by almost 150 percent.

#4: Capitalize Yoast’s WordPress SEO

All the aforementioned SEO practices can be managed and streamlined effectively by this great SEO plugin. This actually allows web masters to evaluate their posts and pages, keyword density, clean up permalinks, edit meta data, access robots.txt file, and even generate XML sitemaps.

If you are in need of a professional assistance in following these four practices, do not hesitate to contact an expert SEO company in Los Angeles, California for adept services and consultation.

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