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One Web Designs That Make Bringing the Web Around Possible

Everyone nowadays have mobile devices that enable them to do a lot of things on the go. An example of this is surfing the web. In fact, websites are accessed more via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than with laptops or PCs. Website creation has then evolved to be done in such a way that a website can be viewed by any device used, be it desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This is achieved by using the One Web approach which is loosely described as “making, as far as is reasonable, the same information and services available to users irrespective of the device they are using.”

This trend has made web development companies are offering affordable website
design that incorporates the One Web approach. There are two ways that this approach
is categorized, the first is a responsive design and the other is an adaptive design.

Responsive Design:
This design is the most common and it makes use of CSS media queries for presentation modification. The device’s display size is what determines the modification of presentations. This design has the advantage of needing only one template to follow
when creating a website, web developers can make use of familiar languages like
CSS, HTML and other familiar technologies, and not to mention, there is a growing
number of toolkits such as Bootstrap and Foundation that help the building process. The downsides are that a site has to be completely rebuilt and customization of user
experience is demanding work.

Adaptive Designs:
There are two types of adaptive design and those are the client-side and the server side. By building of on responsive design principles and using JavaScript, adaptive design can intentionally target specific devices and contexts by customizing websites and increasing its functionality on the device concerned. This design has the advantage of enabling HTML and JavaScript codes to be reused in change management and testing. However, the adaptive design calls for more maintenance work and effort mostly due to the significant changes made to the back-end system of the site.

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