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New Mindsets for Your SEO Strategy this Coming 2016!

As an industry, search engine optimization (SEO) is continuously evolving. The good news is, it is evolving for the better. As the industry develops, so are the strategies and mindsets of SEO specialists in Portland. They are adjusting their outlooks not because the industry leaders say so, but primarily because it is necessary to survive in the competitive landscape. These adjustments are needed to have an effective and thriving digital marketing campaign in the long run.

Here are some of the mindsets that can hone your overall SEO strategy:

#1: How Can I Help My Clients?

Marketing your business online is always about providing value. Always ask yourself, “What can my business give prospects and existing clients?” Start dropping the “me” attitude so you can fully think of how you can provide your clients with unmatched value. If you are targeting to help clients by providing insightful and informative content, make sure that your goals are tangible. Keep in mind that not all content go viral. Keep your content succinct and meaty so that it would have a high chance of being read and shared across multiple channels online.


#2: Success is Not Earned Overnight

A lot of digital marketers are getting excited if there are new tools and tactics out there that could help them succeed in an instant. Even though these tools can really help, SEO experts in Portland, Oregon will always suggest taking the long and hard route. Treat tools as auxiliary add-ons only. Good strategies always come with prudent planning, dedication, and of course, hard work.


#3: Focus on Quality

Google is still firm on ranking websites with quality content. In fact, one very informative infographics can go a longer way than publishing loads and loads of low-quality write-ups. Focus more on quality this 2016, and your SEO campaign is already on the right track.


#4: Focus on Sustainable and Long-term Efforts

There will come a point that your competitor website will outrank yours because they do some shady techniques. Although it is tempting to follow their footsteps and gain immediate rank boost, do not give in. Why? It is only a matter of time before Google can track down these schemes and penalized those who practiced black hat SEO.


So, if you want an effective and maintainable SEO strategy in Portland, OR, start providing value to your customers, always prefer quality over quantity, do not rely too much on tools, and concentrate on doing efforts that could lead to long-term and sustainable success.

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