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Modern SEO Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

While average web surfers don’t recognize it, Google and other search engines invariably modifies their algorithms about 500 times a year. Nevertheless, among these hundreds of updates, only one or two are major updates that oblige SEO marketing individuals to completely adjust their plans. Needless to say, websites that neglect these changes have either decreased page ranking or worse, received penalties.

Fortunately, by paying close attention to these adjustments in industry, SEO practitioners and online marketers have discovered some maneuvers and patterns that search engines consider favorably.

Here are some strategies that you should apply now, as well as the tactics that you should avoid in marketing your business online:


  1.   Give Your Market Something Unique – Perhaps, the time is now to write content that is fresh and never heard before. Creating and developing unique content is not only beneficial for your readers, but Google would also give your content a high value.
  2.   Make Your Content Relevant and Useful – Always keep in mind that searchers go to the internet to gather more information that would help them make a purchasing decision. Hence, you must meet this need in every possible way. Place yourself in their position so that you would know what exactly they are looking for when browsing your website.
  3.   Make Your Site Client-Oriented – Dismiss the self-centered attitude in creating your search engine marketing campaign. Instead, reach out your customers by making your website user-friendly. Respond to their suggestions, promptly answer their questions, and make your brand as approachable as possible. In this manner, your customers would feel comfier to do business with your brand.


  1.   Pay No Attention to Black-Hat Tactics – Always keep in mind that these tactics never work in the long-run. Really, there’s no short-cut to long-term success. Hence, stay clear from spinning your articles infinite times, stuffing keywords to your content, and duplicating others’ contents.
  2.   Avoid Doing Link Schemes – These schemes are tactics to obtain unnatural links, whether bought or traded, to abruptly boost a website’s ranking and reputation. Nonetheless, Google will always crack down strategies like these so don’t attempt practicing them if you really value your website.

Final Thoughts

With the constant evolution of SEO, it is always better to adhere with the tactics that naturally increase your website’s reputation and ranking. Therefore, acquire only search engine marketing services that Google and other search engines regard as attuned to their standards and rules.

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