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Mobile Web Designing – Common Issues to Consider

Today, more and more people have one or more mobile devices that could connect to the internet. These are typically people that are always on the go, checking on websites with what little time they have. A common frustration among these users is that the sites they visit are not optimized for mobile use, which leads to a bad user experience. In response to that, mobile web development was born and continues to develop, which is aimed to produce a web graphic design that gives convenience and value to mobile users across the globe.

What are the common issues to consider when designing mobile web sites?

1. People don’t use the mouse when navigating through the mobile web.

Using web design principles used for desktop computers only could now be disastrous, simply because mobile users don’t use the mouse. Not even a stylus will cut it, more so for fingers. Take this comparison for example—a 16 x 16 icon can be clicked by using a mouse without batting an eye, but could be a horrendous ordeal when using touch. That’s why it’s really important for mobile web designs to have bigger icons with more spacing between them.

2. People using mobile web just want straight facts.

A common mistake for mobile web designs is stuffing it with lots of data, making it look cramped and unattractive. Good companies that offer website design service suggest a more compact layout with limited amount of text but still sufficient enough to provide a good website experience.

3. People still want an aesthetically pleasing mobile experience.

Despite the limited time and other limitations posed by mobile web, users still want to see beautiful yet simple mobile web designs. A common mistake designers make is squeezing the big, beautiful website without even considering the fact that mobile devices take longer load times. Mobile web designers should always remember to keep it short and simple.


Mobile web designing is becoming more important with the increase of mobile devices today. It is very important to keep in mind that a user-centric approach is still the best in deciding the mobile web design and content without compromising efficiency and online search engine optimization (SEO).

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