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Making a Website Search Engine Ready

Every web developer knows that the trick to a websites success is not only in its graphic
design, but to how well it is maintained. Specifically, its success relies greatly on how
well search engine optimization is performed. So why not making it easier and make the
web page search engine friendly from the start?

The first thing to remember is that search engines only read the text of websites. So
if the website has graphics, images, or videos, it is highly recommended that text be
added to them like a title or description of it.

The second is to have the HTML code validated. Make sure that the code doesn’t have
any underlying errors which may cause discrepancies in browser formatting. Through
validation, the graphic design looks the way it should be. One way to check is through
the use of HTML and CSS validation software.

The third is to have relevant title tags. Search engines use the unseen HTML <title>
tags in their algorithms when determining what that specific web page is about. Therefore, it is advised to have relevant and meaningful title tag on each page. It isn’t good practice to have the same title tag for each page on the website.

The fourth is to use straight HTML navigation links. This serves as a solution to the limited powers of search engines when finding pages on the website. Unfortunately, page navigation is hindered if the website only relies on JavaScript or Flash files. Using straight HTML for navigation linking provides search engines with what they need to carry this function out properly.

The fifth is to make sure there are no apparent duplicate content. This duplication often occurs when certain content management systems integration are used and so high caution is advised to make sure no content is duplicated within the web site. Some pages may
contain identical content which means that link dilution occurs. This means search engines will see split traffic and will not consider the pages as important search results.

The sixth is to remove hidden text. Search engines now have incorporated an algorithm to eliminate pages that have hidden texts, making it pointless to add them in the HTML code.

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