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Long Tail Keywords: Are They Worth It?

In online search engine and optimization (SEO), a lot of methods have already been implemented in order to get the best solutions and garner a higher page rank. Activities like linking and creating optimized content are very important in order to have more internet presence and a higher page rank in the organic search results page. Of course, first and foremost, keyword research should be prioritized because it provides the cornerstone of building optimized content. And when it comes to popularity, “head” keywords are much more preferred than the “long tail” keywords.

Long tail keywords are basically defined as the more specific keywords which could be considered less common in its individual sense, but could actually have an immense accumulating effect on the majority of searches made. Alternatively, the “long tail” term can also be used to depict a strategy of selling niche services and products in order to gain more profit.

The idea behind it is that creating optimized content for keywords less popular than other terms actually narrows down competition and in turn generates more page views and ultimately higher page rank, which means a more successful search engine marketing campaign. There are also other benefits in long tail keywords, which could be accounted by statistics: long tail keywords actually give 70% of projected web traffic, due to the fact that most inexperienced users are more likely to type in search queries in natural language. Additionally, long tail keywords have a 100% more ranking potential than their head counterparts and are placed 11 places higher in terms of optimized content. This is pretty good, considering the fact that most SEO companies go for the most popular keywords.

In essence, long tail keywords, while underappreciated by most SEO experts, actually helps a lot in search engine marketing and optimization. This is due to the fact that by using a lot of different forms of long tail keywords with integrated head counterparts in various optimized quality content, your website will have higher page views and could actually be placed in one of the top ten slots for more popular search terms corresponding to whichever business or niche your keywords are centered.

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