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Local SEO in 2015: Simple Tips to Help Your Website Thrive

The year 2014 is coming to an end, and a lot of business enterprises are already starting to look forward to 2015 and talking about their marketing plans. If you are planning to escalate your local search engine marketing efforts, then hiring the best SEO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is surely part of your plans next year. Luckily, local search experts have imparted the local ranking factors that matter the most given the latest algorithm update from Google.

Similar to any update, the shift in Google Pigeon’s most recent update is geared towards pushing website owners to concentrate on improving their websites instead of fooling Google. Based from this, on top of the local ranking factors such as on-page signals, link signals and external location signals, the best way to thrive in local SEO in 2015 is to be awesome and earn awesome links.

Of course, your website will gain incredible results when you put this into practice. Therefore, to help you get started, here are some tips to follow:

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Local Optimization

Given the recent update, local optimization practices have become more important than ever. If your website does not have the local signals that is expected by Google, then you cannot advance your campaign. Hence, go back to basics, and double check if you have incorporated your location in the following:

  • Title Tag – To date, title tags are still a strong ranking signal for local relevancy.
  • H1 Heading – It does not have to be the whole heading, but try inserting the city and state in it.
  • URL – If you have the ability to edit your URL structure, then try to also include the city and state.
  • Local Content – When optimizing content, make sure to insert your target city and state to make the most of your online search engine optimization
  • Alt Text – Search engines cannot see/read images. Therefore, maximize your images SEO-wise by adding your target location in their alt text.

Additional Tips

Apart from improving your local optimization efforts, you should also avoid committing basic mistakes such as:

  • Having Thin Content – Keep in mind that both visitors and search engines are visiting your website for relevant and useful information. If your business sells a product, don’t just say “We sell this product, call us for more information.” Instead, elaborate more and provide useful information.
  • No Content in Home Page – Visual grandness is not enough because your customers and search engines need to know what your website is all about.
  • Spamming Keywords and Terrible Title Tags – Keyword spamming is an outdated black hat SEO tactic so it will be of no benefit at all. In terms of title tags, you have about 500 pixels of width and everything would be truncated when displayed in search engines. Therefore, ensure that your target keyword is included in that limited pixel.

If you need professional help in intensifying your local SEO campaign next year, remember that the best search engine optimization company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is only a phone call away!

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