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Keep It Going: Why SEO is a Long-time Commitment

Today, almost everything is possible online, especially for businesses. In this field, to be able to compete with others, you need to level up your efforts by taking your business online. And the easiest and most cost-effective way to do that is by creating a website for your business. However, having a website is just the beginning. Its after-care requires a lot of time, attention to details, and research. That’s why, these days, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more popular due to the growing competition of businesses online.

Now, what does SEO really have anything to do with your business? You just wanted to keep rolling in the industry and get as many clients as you can. What can SEO do about that? Well, here’s a kicker: clients and customers, like most common Internet users, would always click on the first website that would appear in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page); or at least the first 5 or 10 links on Page 1. Get your website right at those places through SEO and voila! More sales will definitely come right at your doorstep.

That must be music to your ears, right? But first, what is SEO?

SEO is, technically, the process of driving traffic to your website. It is a process you do in order to outrank your competitors online. Sounds simple and easy? It’s hard to agree with that. SEO involves a lot of tasks to do, researches, knowledge about the different Google algorithm updates, and the ability to perform extensive analysis both on your website and the website of your competitors.

Still there? Great!

Maybe by this time, you could see that having your website optimized cannot be done overnight. It takes time to make your website rank number one and it takes even more time to maintain that ranking. Keep in mind that your competitors would also want to be on top. And with this constantly raging war over ranking high, you can say that the Web is literally a virtual battlefield for those living in the business world where SEO is the best armament that you can have in your arsenal in order to win this virtual battle. However, it’s not a one-shot-win-all strike. SEO must be a constant attack—a long-time commitment.

Now, the real question here is: why is SEO a long-time commitment if all you need to do is to “maintain” the website?

  • Strategic planning – this involves thorough planning regarding the different strategies that you must do in order to make your website rank higher. You also need to think of it in the long run, for example, the steps you need to do in the event that the rankings of your website go down.
  • Website/keyword analysis – one of the most important aspects of getting your website to rank is by selecting the appropriate keywords. Now this can either bring you up or drag you down, so you really have to be careful in selecting the keywords for your website.
  • Implementing the plan – the key to successful search engine optimization is to properly implement a good plan. No matter how good your keywords are if you do not have a good plan, at the end of the day, your website will be outranked by your competitors.
  • Google algorithm updates – Updates have a big impact on the ranking of websites. For some SEO specialists out there, Google is becoming more intelligent in differentiating spam sites. Because of that, all websites are being affected whenever Google releases an update. To be able to rank higher than your competitors, you must keep an eye out for those updates.
  • Constant monitoring – To be able to maintain your rank, you need to regularly monitor your website. What does this mean? In order for you to effectually track your website’s progress, you need to have the right knowledge regarding the necessary steps to be taken to see your rankings skyrocket up the SERP and keep it that way.

With all that said, you might be realizing now how tedious yet amazing SEO can be. But if you really want to invest in it, you have to get yourself ready for a long journey ahead. And if you really want your website to rank high and reel in many clients like you planned to, you have to be patient and trust our search engine optimization specialists at Silver Connect Web Design to give the best SEO efforts for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 713-474-1695 and let’s start making your business grow! At Silver Connect Web Design, we only want the best for you and your business!


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