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Internet Directory Submission and its Effects on SEO

Search engines are where it all happens, the current craze of online search engine optimization, with a lot of SEO experts focusing on how to have more visibility in search engines and how to further improve their marketing strategies to be more relevant and thus, have a higher page ranking.

One of the Linking methods employed by most SEO outfits is submitting links through directories as this has been tested to have a good effect in improving SEO. There are some benefits to it that shouldn’t be overlooked, because search engines themselves use these websites as a means of reliable referral systems with a viable reason behind it.

In vast majority of cases, you need to manually submit your website’s link to the directory, which upon submitting is scrutinized by a human reviewer. The reviewer then subjects your website to an intense examination, which isn’t possible with automated searching systems. Thus, when your link is approved and therefore passed by an objective human reviewer, this signals search engines that your website has indeed provided a good user experience and in return, your website increases in value. This is considered as a validation for reliability, hence giving invaluable help in your search engine marketing campaign.

Another good implication to this is quicker indexing by search engines, since search engine crawlers start with the web directories and all their links, hence giving you something close to a one-way inbound link. These links are highly priced by search engines, since link-exchanges are frowned upon; one-way links from reliable websites like reputable directories will add value to your page rank equity.

Submitting your website’s links to a directory is mostly free, and it really doesn’t hurt your search engine marketing and optimization efforts at all. Deal with them with utmost courtesy and request for a listing amiably, and it will definitely have more chances for consideration, and if you really have a good site that provides a good experience this is the chance to prove it to a human expert.

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