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Internet Directories are not Dead – Discovering What It can do to SEO

The internet is like one of those surreal landscape paintings crafted by countless brilliant minds, with anything and everything prone to change in a daily basis. As such, most search engines are updated as well, improving gradually in order to attain their goal of providing the best relevant results, no matter which key phrases are used. Still, though, through each search engine update, SEO experts are questioning the effectiveness of their linking strategies, and this question is often asked: “Are my directory submissions still important for online search engine optimization?” This is the most common misconception about internet directory and it needs to be cleared up with the wand of truth.

Many SEO experts are already disregarding directory links as a means of getting more page rank, and this is due to the fact that they perceive them to be obsolete—replaced by the more efficient search engines like Google. On the contrary, though, even if these directories’ SEO value have been depreciating over the course of the decade, it can not be declared to have no value at all. Many websites use directory submissions as a means of boosting their search engine marketing campaign, mainly to boost their backlink profile through them. Also, websites that have a consistent yet diverse profile for backlinks use directory submissions as a means to gain more page rank for an array of targeted terms. Plus, newly

launched websites use various reliable free internet directories in order for them to build up a reliable backlink profile. In addition to that, multiple long tail keywords as an anchor text for these submissions show a steadily increased ranking in search engines.

Thus, taking all these factors into consideration, it really means that internet directory pages still have a good value. More so when you’re doing a manual submission because a human reviewer will scrutinize your website before approving it, which in turn increases your website’s value in terms of relevancy and overall user experience. To cut the long story short, these directories are very important to your search engine marketing and optimization, specifically if you want to build a reliable, long-lasting backlink profile.

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