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[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Website is Essential for Your Business

A Dozen Reasons Why a Website is Essential For Your Business


Establishing a business in a competitive market requires a lot of planning, prudent budget allocation, and a thick slice of wisdom especially in weighing possible options. Most small business owners having a limited budget, they have surely thought of which platform to capitalize first in marketing their enterprise – Facebook or their own website?

Almost 543,000 new small businesses start their operation per month in the United States. The sad thing is, a lot of small enterprises are shutting down their operation within that same time span.The reason? Ineffective brand development that is caused by setting out impractical objectives.

At first glance, creating a business page in Facebook seems to be the more ideal choice – it is free, easy to set up, and easy to manage. However, if you are to think long-term for your business, you should definitely consider having a business website. Create a Facebook page in order for your business to reach your target clientele who utilize that social media platform. But create a business website not only to reach most of your target customers, but also to amplify your brand recognition throughout the web.

Question: I don’t own a computer, and neither do my target clients, so why should I bother having a website?

Answer: You shouldn’t have the narrow idea that business websites are only for those who are tech-savvy. In fact, thriving business owners nowadays strongly believe that if you have a business, you should have a website. Why? Provided below are some of the reasons:


Reason #1: Actually, It Can Save You Money

You have probably thought that as a small business owner, you can’t afford having a professional website. In reality, however, you can’t afford NOT to. The cost of designing and developing a website ranges from $100 or more. Although the cost of promoting business in your local newspaper is way cheaper, this kind of advertisement is for one-time basis only. Needless to say, investing your money in website development is much more cost-effective.


Reason #2: Websites Serve as an Online Brochure

A lot of small to medium-scale enterprises allot hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars just to create brochures and distribute them to prospective clients. By having a corporate website, you can entirely skip this and save a lot of money in the process. All you have to do is get your business through personal connections and networking to spread the word about your website. Through time, your potential clients will find out about you and your offered products/services online.


Reason #3: Always Accessible

Another great reason for having a website for your business is that it’s always accessible. This is truly beneficial especially in today’s generation where a lot of customers have busy lifestyles. They want the convenience of checking out their desired products or services any time they want. And by having a website, you can give exactly what they want. This is also expedient if you are offering products and services to those who have different time zones. Your website is open 24/7/365.


Reason #4: Instant Credibility

Proving that your company is worthy of doing business is one of the main challenges of small enterprises. This makes it quite difficult for them to win over their prospective customers or make a successful sale. By having a well-designed and structured website, you can pitch in instant credibility for your business. Together with your ingenious marketing tactics, you can actually establish a solid ground and prove that your business is indeed the real deal.


Reason #5: Keep Your Customers Informed about Your Business

If your business has a website, it will be fairly easy for you to keep your existing and potential customers updated about your products, services, promos, upcoming events, discounts, and other relevant information. Unlike print ads, these announcements will never get outdated. You can freely edit them if you have new information that you want to get disseminated.


Reason #6: Compete with the Big Guys

Competing with other businesses which already have an established name can be challenging. But you can start off by having a website that is of the same caliber as theirs. Nowadays, a lot of consumers are doing product/service comparison using company websites, so having a competitive website can certainly give your business a chance to somehow compete with bigger companies. Always keep in mind that in the online market, the field is equally leveled to both the giant names and to start-ups.


Reason #7: Broader Audience = Higher Chance of Sales

Yes, your actual store is where your customers will purchase your products or call whenever they need your service. However, your website can be a very good alternative platform to market your services/products to a broader audience. If you think that your products cannot be sold online, keep in mind that even houses and cars are getting sold online. Websites give you a broader audience, so all you need to do is take advantage of it. The more people check out what you have to offer, the higher your business has in generating sales.


Reason #8: It Lets You Connect, Professionally

Professional relationships are what matters in business. Upon establishing rapport, the next thing every business owner needs to ensure is that their relationship with clients and other businesses is smooth. In order to do this, your business must connect with them on a regular basis, and you can easily do this by having a website. You are now a “web master,” so you can make new personal and business connections with other web masters as well. Through time, business relationships can help your business have extra income streams.


Reason #9: Showcasing Portfolio is Easy

As mentioned earlier, displaying products and their information is easy if you have a website. But what if your business offers services instead? Your website can also be a platform where you can display your previous projects, image galleries, client testimonials, and your portfolio as a whole. You can also provide a brief explanation why choosing your company is an ideal choice to make. Therefore, prospective clients can review whether your company is the perfect candidate for the job just by browsing your website.


Reason #10: Professional Email

Here’s a scenario. Imagine yourself as a customer and you’ve received two business emails from companies offering the same product/service. One of them is from and the other one is from Believe it or not, some customers prefer to do business with a much formal email address for it conveys credibility and integrity. Once you have your own website, you can request the web development company to also setup customized business email addresses for you (the owner) and for your team.


Reason #11: Online Press Release on the Go

If your business always has something to announce on a regular basis, then having a website is a must, because you can easily publish press releases in it! From running simple press releases to announcing something big, you can freely do all of these once you have a website. In fact, some press releases nowadays are also utilized to show innovative product/service videos that redirect readers to their YouTube channel. Hence, it would be a win-win situation, because you are not only amplifying brand recognition through press release, but you are also gaining more subscribers to one of the most popular social media and video platforms in the business today – YouTube. Overall, this is a good way of introducing your business to prospective clients.


Reason #12: Better Customer Support

If you truly value your existing customers, you must be attentive to what they are saying about your business. In this matter, your website can also be a portal to improve your business relationship with them. Your first support mechanism should be a FAQs page. All possible questions that your customers may encounter should be answered in this page. In order to ensure that you are indeed helping them, implementing a ticketing system or customer service hotline would suffice. Make certain that your customers and customer service representatives’ time zones are the same so that the latter can readily answer the call of the former.


Final Words

Whether you like it or not, our current mainly involves the Internet world. Approximately 8 out of 10 consumers today use the web to find a service or a product before making a purchasing decision. Most of your competitor businesses might also have plans in venturing the online market, so it’s up to you whether you want to keep up or lag behind. Although, don’t think of creating a website just because others are doing it. Instead, have a purpose. Create a website because you want to protect your investment by keeping the business up and running all the time.


If you want to get started, Silver Connect Web Design can help you from start to finish. If you already have a website and want it to be restructured or enhanced, we offer expert website design and development services to give your business a new face.

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