[INFOGRAPHIC] The Road to Better SEO: Tips for Driving Traffic to your Website

Modern businesses and organizations have long been relying heavily on their ability to discover new networks through exposure. With the rise of the internet, establishments nowadays have to compete with one another for that same exposure in a new field. Given that almost everything is linked to the internet nowadays, the question one faces is how people can find you and/or be driven to avail your services. That is where SEO comes into play. SEO or search engine optimization can increase the exposure of the business online by linking, which connects both websites and users across the web. SEO helps develop both technical and creative elements to make a site more visible. With effective SEO campaigns, business establishments and organizations have a better chance to compete with the rest of the online market. Let’s look at some quick tips to drive traffic to your site. Good Content Why is there a need for great content when it comes to SEO? Apart from boosting your SEO rankings, gaining more traffic for your website and making it more visible in every search engine, it’s also makes reading fun. How does one make great content? First, think of a catchy title. If you want your readers to read what you have to say, your title should be both noticeable and clickable. Second, write content that is simple and relatable with bits of humor here and there to entice your readers. If your content is bland and boring, very few people would even think of reading it up to the end. Keywords The good usage of keywords leads to better traffic and eventually, to a better ranking in search engines. Keywords are used in finding something in the internet through search engines. If you want to make the content of your website more relevant, place keywords smartly and naturally, and avoid making “spammy” sounding content. Keywords play a very important role in SEO and help people discover your website. They are usually placed in the meta tags (title, description, keywords). Search engines rank websites according to the relevance of their content in relation to searcher intent, and the presence of keywords is one of the criteria in judging relevance. Mobile-friendly 2018 sees mobile devices growing fast as the top search drivers. For mobile optimization, ensure that a website navigates smoothly, and adjusts accordingly to the object that contains it. This is called a responsive web design. Make sure that the website is fully optimized to be mobile-friendly, this includes checking ease of navigation, content readability as well as other factors that might contribute to site bounce rate. In short, a website has to be easy to use for mobile users, so it can maximize traffic. SEO is not only necessary in the online arena nowadays for businesses, it is also becoming the norm. From small start-ups to large chain enterprises, entrepreneurs are prioritizing smart SEO campaigns to up their online rankings. SEO is not only for businesses but also for organizations and even individuals who are trying to get more exposure online. Silver Connect Web Design not only handles your needs in search engine optimization, but also in graphic design, web hosting and maintenance, and even complete website development with our comprehensive website packages. Stay tuned for more useful blog posts and infographics! [INFOGRAPHIC] The Road to Better SEO: Tips for Driving Traffic to your Website

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