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Important Maintenance To-Do List

For anything to last, especially things such as machines or websites that took effort to create, maintenance plays an integral part in making sure it lasts for as long as it is desired. By maintenance it is understood as a regularly scheduled and routine maintenance. This ensures that the whole website is working optimally and is successfully fulfilling its purposes.

Many web development companies include web maintenance in their web development packages. These services are provided to help businesses with their internet advertising. More or less, maintenance includes the following, although not limited to those listed below.

• Website back up – this stores website configuration and changes made to the website and serves as a restarting point should some unfortunate incident occurs that causes loss of data.

• Monitoring – under monitoring, there should be an alert system that immediately informs the owner or the web developer that something has gone array with the website.

• Test the speed – nothing annoys users more than a slow loading page. That is why download speeds have to be tested and recalibrated to keep the user on the page.

• Fix links – links sometimes break or change which make them useless to click on. For this reason, it is advised to check the status of each link to see if needs to be repaired or removed.

• Update software – in keeping up with what is new and trendy, websites must be updated
accordingly with the updates of the software used on the development of the website in

• Keep track and analyze statistics – from the statistics, which will be mentioned later on, are the indicators of how well a website is doing out in the world. Such statistics are traffic, results on a search engine, and reputation statistics. Traffic means the visitor frequency or how much and how often web users visit the page. A website’s ranking is based on search engine results, if it is on a relevant keyword search list which corresponds to the rank awarded to the site by a search engine. Reputation statistics is that which shows what is being said about the website and to what extent.

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