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Importance of Mobile SEO – The Time is now!

They always say that mobile devices are the future, but in all actuality, the future is here and now, as mobile devices are the rave of our generation. From the simple walkie-talkies we had in the past to the really sophisticated smart phones we have now, mobile devices have been in constant development. As such, when phones are able to connect to the internet, the question of whether online search engine optimization for mobile is important has an irrefutable answer: Yes.

Still, with SEO becoming more and more important as a marketing strategy, its mobile counterpart is grossly underestimated, and chances are you haven’t really thought about it. But requirements for mobile devices and normal computers are really different, so in response, search engines have built a mobile counterpart for themselves.

This could be bad news for you, because mobile SEO has other important factors aside from the traditional things put into consideration in optimizing your website for search engines like Google. Location, device type and content format play a bigger role in determining the overall mobile web experience for users, and mobile search engines are getting much better in figuring out how to best capture these factors to determine a website’s rank. This means that having a mobile website optimized for mobile search
engines could be an additional option in promoting your search engine marketing campaign.

Mobile search opens a whole new perspective in SEO, because a study conducted by Google has revealed that an average search revolves at around 15 characters, but it takes users more than 40 seconds to enter (and approximately 30 key presses), so in compensation, they have implemented a predictive search. This feature enables them to complete their search easily and at the same time get the most relevant results. This
is also presented as a search engine marketing solution, which could allow you to be in position within search engines’ predictive search categories specifically designed for mobile devices. This of course serves as leverage for you to boost your search engine visibility by searching for predictive search phrases related to your location and business.

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