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“Ignore me not” says Marketing Collateral

Technology hasn’t erased the need for quality marketing collateral (MC). If anything, it’s made the need for it even more important. To do this, create a solid strategy that reinforces the branding and messaging as your basis. Organize a team of veteran marketing specialists to design a compelling MC that understands your company’s strategic goals and processes.

What is it?

MC is used to support a company’s primary advertising message to consumers. Since the birth of digital media, MC formats have been re-designed from printed materials to electronics such as web blogs, electronic displays, web content and the likes.


Your collateral is a vital and integral component of your marketing campaign. It requires
intensive planning. Before you begin creating collateral, focus on its designated purpose. How is it going to be used? For example, is it consumer or Business to Business (B2B) collateral? What’s the message you intend to deliver? What are the most effective media and web design format in delivering a message? You’ll find it much easier to create great collateral after you’re done resolving the basic issues relating to: purpose, media content and message delivery.

Effective consumer-oriented collateral has an emotional appeal that communicates a unique and richly-rewarding user experience gained from buying the product or service. Usually, it supports or echoes the user benefit found in your company’s main advertising’s message/branding and a compelling call-to-action.

How to create:

Whether your audience is a consumer or a B2B, you should keep your content short yet
compelling. Make your material user-friendly. Use complementary, eye-catching visuals to draw your audience into your content. Focus on your audiences’ feedbacks and user experience.

With a vast selection of marketing tools, sometimes it becomes difficult to track all your marketing campaigns. Make sure your marketing specialist clearly understands your company’s goals. Ensure that your graphic designer knows how to design your electronic materials the way you and your prospects would love. Remember, quality is always better than quantity. Keep your website content and your blogs up to date.

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