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Ideas Running-out? A 3-way SEO Plan and Strategy Idea Refresher

Creativity is a lot like a pedal-powered juicer. You need to begin pedaling BEFORE you can produce sufficient power to extract the juice. It’s exactly the same with creativity. Allow me to share the 3-easy-idea refreshers that anybody can use. Try one or all of them on your next search engine marketing campaign.

Make a move; Do Anything or something!

This might appear like an utterly plain and simple advice… since it is. Nobody crumples a blank piece of paper and throws it in the garbage. Draw patterns, jot down ideas, draw boxes, write a pros/cons checklist, do something. You will be astounded where it’ll lead you.

Generate a Mind Map

This is my very own first line of defense against custom web design difficulties. Begin by sketching two or three big circles and create a handful of key designs within them. These designs could be anything: website, sky diving, cheerios, pups, etc. Next, draw smaller circles with relevant content. Eventually, you can easily produce connections that will help you in forming new strategies.

Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies is a sequence of cards containing an exercise or idea on them. They were developed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975. The both of them would use these cards when they’re stuck on their own creative process. When you are swamped, simply flip a card over, and do what it tells you to do. A few examples of these cards contain questions like: “Only one element of each category.”, “What to enhance and what to eliminate.”

Take a Walk

If all of the earlier mentioned approaches don’t work: take a walk. At times walking away from problems and clarifying your head is just the thing your mind needs. This could be a walk across the corridor, a walk to the corner, or even a stroll to the park. If you do this, you’ll be back on your feet searching targeted web pages in a different yet effective approach.

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