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How to Utilize Slideshare for Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Because of the fact that a larger chunk of marketing has went from offline to online world, companies now have more approaches on the process of developing brand awareness. However, companies have to recognize how their targeted users try to search information about their products or services in order to get the most out of their own search engine marketing campaign.

Moreover, posting quality and relevant content in other sites does not only allow companies to connect with a massive number of audience, but would also permit them to get better content ranking in search engines for specific keywords. This, in turn, would result to enhanced brand exposure, which would translate to more website visitors.

Slideshare is one of the leading content websites that offer great exposure to a company’s website. This is a popular channel for publishing and sharing PowerPoint contents. For this reason, provided below are some tips on how to start attracting visitors to your website using Slideshare.

  1.    Keep your every presentation optimized – You can effectively do this by putting in title, short description, and tag to your presentation before publishing it. Make certain to place and distribute your keywords well throughout your presentation. In addition, ensure that your visitors could download your presentation so that Slideshare could keep a record on how frequent your presentation has been saved or downloaded by users.
  2.    Market your presentation – As soon as you publish your presentation, market it on various social networks channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. However according to seo specialists, you should not skip sharing your presentation in social media platforms like LinkedIn and Quora groups because they are an excellent channel to market your presentation to business professionals. Furthermore, try to engage with your visitors by enkindling their thoughts about your presentation, and answering their subsequent queries.

Another good thing about Slideshare is that it rewards presentations with the highest number of visitors in a day through “highlighted presentations”. Slideshare highlights 16 presentations every day. Although the first three slots are for paid presentations, the remaining 13 slots are still a good shot for marketing your presentation for free!


In order to maximize Slideshare as part of your seo strategy, make sure to progressively develop a value in your every presentation. You can do this by frequently visiting your presentation and reconnecting with your visitors, sharing your presentation at least once a week, and constantly marketing it through the above-mentioned portals.

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