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How to Effectively Embed Content in Social Media Networking Sites

Almost all social media networking platforms nowadays such as Facebook, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SlideShare, allow their users to embed content publicly. These embeds of pictures, videos, and status updates give businesses, brands, as well as publishers an opportunity to generate, share, and curate content in different ways which invite audience to participate.

For this reason, provided below are some of the unfailing techniques to effectively embed social media content across your website or blog.

#1: Organize or Administer a Collection

For brands and publications, content curation is increasingly turning into a popular tool. Actually, you can use content from social media to highlight remarkable conversations, create a compelling story, announce or broadcast a new trend, or launch a promotion.

#2: Use Content as Testimonials

Businesses could embed social content right on their websites as testimonials. Needless to say, these testimonials are a strong social proof to stress their credibility. In addition, these testimonials can also be a great addition to creating a case study or highlighting a quote from a customer as the testimonial content is obtained directly from the client’s public statements on their own social media accounts.

#3: Embed Presentation

Utilizing SlideShare to promote different marketing collateral is nothing new but embedding presentations is definitely a remarkable way to pique the interest of your readers. Therefore, try embedding SlideShare presentations within your blog or article as they not only add more value to readers, but they also provide more incentive to share that write-up.

#4: Conduct a Social Poll

Another great way to promote audience interaction and engagement is to ask questions in different social media platforms. In this manner, users can jump into the conversation by sharing their thoughts about the question. If you want a more amplified result, embed it across relevant content properties in order to generate more visibility, engagement, and interaction.

#5: Always Share the Results of Promotion or Contests

If you’re running a contest or promotion, always share the result of it in order to avoid giving the impression that you’re just fooling your followers. Always keep in mind that social media is a great avenue to establish credibility, but it could also bring you otherwise.


If you are experiencing difficulty in following the above-mentioned techniques, you can turn to professional firms that provide expert yet affordable search engine optimization consultation and services.

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