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How to Design Your Website for the Search Engines

When it comes to helping a website rank, search engine optimization (SEO) is definitely a way of “designing” a website in order to make it “search-engine friendly.” By search-engine friendly, it means the use of the Atlanta best search engine optimization strategies to make the search engines efficiently interpret all your content and subsequently index all your pages. Needless to say, the better the strategies are, the higher chance your website has in ranking well in search engine results pages.

Because of the fact that millions or even billions of people utilize search engines every single day, then it is imperative for business website owners to design a search engine-friendly website not only to pull in traffic, but also to achieve good ranking in results pages. To help you get started in this process, here are some details you might want to look at:

On-Page SEO

In a nutshell, when the best search engine optimization company in Atlanta, GA does an on-page optimization, it means that they are implementing strategies that you can fully control. Also, these include fine tuning and maintaining other important features as the campaign goes on. Some on-page optimization schemes include:

  • Keyword Research – selecting the most advantageous set of keywords.
  • Metadata Optimization – optimizing title, headers, as well as the meta description tags with the right amount of characters and inserted keywords.
  • URL Structure – creating a URL structure that customers can remember easily and is accepted by search engines.
  • Internal Link System and Information Architecture – creating a sound strategy in arranging the internal link system and information architecture.
  • Awesome, Insightful and Meaty Content – yielding content that is interesting and helpful not only for search engines, but more importantly for users.
  • Sitemap – utilizing a sitemap to help web owners locate glitches before launching the website.

Off-Page SEO

On the other hand, off-page SEO pertains to all processes that define the entire running and management of the website across the internet. Although you do not have full control in most off-page practices, there are several techniques to help you work on this aspects. Some of these include:

  • The acquisition of inbound links from reputable websites
  • The use of keyword-rich anchor texts
  • The utilization of strategies that help you with building high-quality links
  • The use of contextual reference for all inbound links
  • Doing keyword research and analysis to determine the effectiveness of the campaign

To make sure that all your SEO practices are in accordance with the rules and regulations of search engines, employ only the best SEO company in Atlanta, Georgia.

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