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How to Become a Smarter Marketer: Tools and Tips from Portland Search Engine Marketing Firm

Indeed, gone are the days when marketers heavily rely on their guts to create a search engine marketing campaign in Portland. Today, most of their decisions are molded by a variety of tools and software. They gather data using these applications, and then base their strategies from it so that they can improve their marketing efforts. So the more important question here is, what are the right tools to use?

Provided below are some of the effective tools a marketer in Portland can use in collecting data. Additional tips are also provided on how to draw conclusions from them.

Moz’s On-Page Grader

With the increasing importance of off-page content in enhancing reader engagement and amplifying brand reach, most search engine optimization specialists may not have all the time to attend to their on-page SEO tasks on a regular basis. Even the most prominent Portland search engine marketing firm has been there.

This is where Moz’s On-Page Grader will come in handy. This tool was created to facilitate keyword analysis for certain pages in your website. Whether you are carrying out a new keyword strategy or re-evaluating your existing one, this tool will show the keywords that are performing well, the ones that need improvement, and will state how you must prioritize your efforts.

This tool also lets you examine your website’s key landing pages for the keywords you are targeting. You can also assess how your competitor websites are graded for your target keywords. With this, you can subsequently point out the areas where your strategies need to be fine-tuned. Once you have identified these areas, make the necessary changes and grade your web pages again. Rinse and repeat, until you achieve your sought-after grade.

Marketing Automation Software

Although setting up a marketing automation software can take some time, the amount of information you can obtain using this software makes the wait really worth it. The data provided by this application can help any digital marketer in Portland create a campaign based on user behavior.

The moment you analyzed or identified which content and interactions can turn visitors into actual leads, you can subsequently tweak your strategies to win more customers.

Visual Website Optimizer

If you are fond of A/B testing to determine the impact of implementing a certain SEO tactic, then you cannot afford missing out this wonderful tool. This software is basically a testing tool that necessitates minimal coding skills. However, in return, this tool can provide you with powerful data that will help you make the right decisions. Some of the things it can test include your website’s headline copy on key landing pages, the various ways to deliver content effectively, as well as the copy used for CTAs (call-to-actions).

Undoubtedly, these tools, and a whole lot more, make search engine marketing and optimization in Portland, OR smarter and analytical. If you don’t want to stay behind others, better equip yourself with these!

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