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How to Become a Better Search Engine Marketer

Ever wondered how San Antonio search engine marketing gurus attained their current prominence? Apart from playing by Google’s rules and considering the proverbial search engine optimization (SEO) bag of tricks that still works, provided below are some tips on how to become a better practitioner in this industry.

#1: Be a Thought Leader

The downside of links is that some unscrupulous SEOs abuse them by building their own links pointing to their (or their client’s) websites. These links are not votes of authority or trust because they are more like voting for themselves. Since Google is after the natural links (not the artificial ones), links from followers, fans, advocates, and those who adore, like and love your page are the ones that every San Antonio, TX SEO practitioner should earn in order to thrive in this industry.

So how they can achieve these kinds of links? The answer is simple – be a thought leader within your niche. Talk about your industry with entertaining or useful information for your target consumers; give solid reasons for other niche-related websites to link to you.

At first, try publishing content materials that are informative and useful that people would share them in their own volition. Once these people start quoting, mentioning, and talking about you, then you have a better chance of becoming an authoritative figure in your industry. As soon as this happens, links will just come in naturally even without concentrating on acquiring links at all. This is the beauty of establishing yourself as a thought leader.

#2: Master at Least One Knowledge Basis or Skill Set

In SEO, only a few people throughout the globe are considered “jack of all trades.” However, most successful people in the industry have got the hang of one (or more) of these skill sets:

  • Web design and usability
  • Technical knowledge such as server administration and web development
  • Web analytics
  • Content writing
  • Marketing knowledge

If you are unfamiliar to any of these, you have to learn it in order for you to do better in SEO. Needless to say, mastering all of these skill sets will surely help you be comfortable in the four corners of search engine optimization.

#3: Have an Adaptive Mindset and Strategy

SEO is a changing environment. Google rolls out new algorithm updates to battle shady tactics and spammy websites with the hopes of making the search environment a healthy and fruitful place for users. For this reason, you should also adapt to these changes in order for your strategy to still work as they should. Leave out those practices that do not fit to your strategy anymore, and start inculcating new tactics that will help Google look favorably on your website.

It has been a decade since search engine optimization became a staple undertaking for marketers throughout the globe. And just like any task on a marketer’s plate, SEO requires ample amount of time, effort and loads of common sense to succeed.

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