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How Did Donald Trump Affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services? Here’s How!

Idiot Search Results to Trump

How Did Donald Trump Affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services? Here’s How!

January 20, 2017 – A moment that will go down in the annals of American history. This was the day when Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of this great nation. Perhaps the most controversial presidential candidate to have run for the position, his win has garnered praise from his staunch supporters and harsh criticism from critics. Despite the divided opinions about the polarizing business tycoon, one thing was for sure: changes are going to happen and it will affect everybody. The impact of his presidency has been universally felt and has affected a lot of companies that conduct their operations worldwide. This includes the biggest airliners in the aviation industry to upstart web development firms that offer SEO services.

 Wait… How in the world did the President of the United States of America affect Search Engine Optimization operations? Let’s find out.

In July 2018, popular news website The Guardian has reported that when users around the world searched the word idiot on Google, results would yield pictures of Donald Trump. To make matters worse, the images of the president were found at the top of the results. This proved to be embarrassing to both Trump and his Cabinet that eventually, the issue was brought up at a scheduled House Judiciary Committee hearing about Google’s Data Collection and Privacy.

Google’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai was asked by California Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren on how and why a Google search for idiot would yield results of Donald Trump. Pichai clarified how a Google search works: by taking the keyword that was searched for and matching it with related pages throughout the World Wide Web to find the best results for users. Pichai added that Google does not “manually intervene” with the results and that there are several factors that affect it such as popularity, relevance, and freshness.

According to business website Fortune, this issue started with the protests at Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom where Green Day’s song American Idiot was used. Eventually, a photo of Trump which included the word was posted on Reddit. Users around the world upvoted this post which caused Google to recognize it as a top contender for the term idiot. Subsequently, Google has placed it as a top result on their search engine for that specific term. This process is called Google Bomb, where a group of people links a particular word or phrase to a website in an effort to boost its rankings in Google search results.

This wasn’t the first time that a US President was targeted by a Google Bomb. Perhaps the best-known occurrence was in 2003, where the biography of then-President George W. Bush was shown as the top result whenever the phrase Miserable Failure was searched on Google. Years after this incident, Google took action and made changes to their algorithm which made Google Bombs increasingly difficult to pull off. Nonetheless, people still found ways to do this.

Due to these attempts to ridicule two US Presidents, the importance of availing SEO services for websites have been emphasized. Through the Search Engine Optimization process, these instances can be avoided. Tasks such as Keyword Research, which aims to identify keywords that best describe a specific topic, and Link Building, which links it to other related websites, can help fight Google Bombing from taking place. Instead of finding unrelated results when searching for a keyword (which, in this case, is Donald Trump), a user will find meaningful results that can actually be of help. Not only does this enable users to have a better experience, but it can also help avoid slandering people of influence across the world.

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