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#Hashtag Cheat Sheet

Hashtag seems to be everywhere around the online realm. Its popularity is not only because of the hype, but professional marketers in California backed their efficiency especially for business brand development in Oakland, California. Today, hashtags have become an integral part of Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

So, as a business entity, why should you utilize and care about hashtags? First and foremost, hashtags can greatly improve your traffic acquisition from different social media platforms. For instance, tweets and posts with appropriate and catchy hashtags can generate twice more engagement than posts without hashtags. This alone can pump up not only your traffic, but also your brand’s popularity.

With the intention to help you leverage this social media feature, provided below is a comprehensive hashtag cheat sheet.

#Hashtag Defined

Hashtag is a social media tagging system that aims to categorize content. For example, the hashtag #FoodPorn includes all posts and pictures (some sort of food photography) that show food in a ‘provocative’ manner – just like in “pornography.” This tagging system offers two values. The first is that your content can be viewed by anyone with an interest in your hashtag, even those people who are outside of your network. For this reason, the second value is that you can expand your reach to anyone who is interested in your hashtag.

Hashtag Cheat Sheet

  1. Twitter – According to a study, using 1-2 hashtags in tweets is optimal. Using more than two per tweet drops engagement (retweets, clicks, replies and favorites) by about 17 percent. In addition, 4 out of 10 tweets with appropriate hashtags normally get retweeted.
  2. Instagram – Although this social media platform is another hotspot for hashtags, hashtags work differently in Instagram compared to Twitter. Unlike in Twitter with 1-2 hashtags as an optimal choice, interactions are at their best on Instagram when a post has 11 or more hashtags. According to the same study considering an account with 1,000 Instagram followers, having 11 more hashtags pump up the interaction by an average of 80%!
  3. Facebook – When Facebook launched its hashtag system, it didn’t work quite so well. However as the time went on, the interactions of posts with hashtags started to develop. Similar to Twitter, the most optimal number of hashtags if you want the maximum interaction is only one to two. In fact, an average of 593 interactions are received by a post with 1-2 hashtags.
  4. Google+ – Of all the social media platforms, Google+ automatically gives hashtags to your posts based on its content, but you can add or edit them also. What’s more is that, Google+ also allows you to add hashtags to your comments, which also doubles the opportunity for your post to be found.

So, if you want to capitalize on this hashtag cheat sheet, you can always work with a professional search engine marketing firm in Oakland, California to advance your social media marketing campaign.

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