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Google Bowling – Don’t Be a Victim of Negative SEO!

There had been a lot of rumors floating around—tales of terror for websites and companies using online search engine optimization, of attacks with the desire to forever consign their website to the stupor of search engines’ page results. Such tales have taken more substance since Google’s Penguin update was implemented, which punished “black-hat” SEO tactics heavily. As it turns out, a lot of scheming minds in the industry found a better use for these tactics to gain the upper hand without compromising anonymity.

Enter the Negative Search Engine Optimization tactic, or more known as NSEO with some specific terms such as Google Bowling, which exploits the algorithm used by search engines. It comes in different forms, but the most popular method is buying low-quality links and associating it to a specific website to take it down from the search results page. This method of negative SEO is popular because it either helps the website competitor with their search engine marketing campaign or it helps low-quality links
have a boost since they point to a reliable website. The success of an NSEO attack is based on the website being targeted—new sites are much more vulnerable because they don’t have a strong backlink profile, as compared to websites with lots of good backlinks.

Having this problem can’t be avoided regardless of whatever goals it aims to accomplish—there will always be some damage from these low-quality links. The most effective way of countering this negative SEO menace is having lots of good search engine marketing and optimization operations, since this is pretty much what you can control. Take the statistics for websites in 2012, for example: 99% of SEO damage didn’t come from NSEO attack—which just shows that these damage are inflicted by poor search engine marketing strategies. But in any case, Google and Bing have a disavow feature, which allows you to remove those spam links from your backlink profile.

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