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Good News! More Web Design Jobs and Fat Salary Increase

Good news for designers this 2014! Organizations like web developing companies are now outsourcing more often and are filling-up full-time jobs more frequently. Most starting pays this year are predicted to be 3.3% higher than last year.

Favorable Hiring Conditions

Despite heated scoops and headlines concerning the US’ economy, 52% of marketing executives explained that searching for competent creative professionals is difficult. They’re hiring freelancers to gain more specialty skill access – everything from mobile development, detailed production knowledge to keeping up with the shifting business demands.

Hiring is particularly frequent among firms. Brands are turning to agencies for help to keep up. Those agencies, in return, seek out creative and technically proficient candidates.

Graphic Design Salary Increase and Open Negotiations

Since it’s so hard to screen talented applicants, employers are open to salary negotiations once they find potentially capable talents.

Design Positions are on the Rise

There’s a great deal of salary increase even among standard production and design positions too.

Experience counts!

Creative directors

  • with 8+ years of experience = 5% salary increase

  • with 5-8 years of experience = 4.1% salary increase.

Art directors

  • with 3-5 years of experience = 3.9% salary increase

Production directors

  • with 8+ years of experience = 4.7% salary increase

Project managers

  • For new hires can  = 4.7% salary increase


Pointers to land the job…

Web design jobs are out there and the pay have increased. But exactly how can you land the position you want easily? Potential employers search applicants few essential traits.

First, companies value experience. Several employers recruit creative professionals with 3 years of experience in the field. They’ll consider fresh graduates featuring impressive portfolios and outstanding yet sophisticated skills as well.

Social media skills matters more than ever. The knowledge of HTML5, Adobe Creative Suite and CSS3 is a must.

Ultimately, you’ll stand out to your employers if you’re knowledgeable with analytics. Companies need individuals capable of reading numbers to identify trends and generate effective search engine optimization strategies.

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